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Need to know current road conditions?


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Safe Driving Tips
*Plan your trip carefully
     Map your route and let others know where you are going.
      Don't deviate from this route without notifying someone.
      If you don't arrive, rescuers will know where to look for you.
*Leave early
     Allow plenty of time to make the trip safely. Be prepared for delays.
*Check road conditions
    Click on the link above or call 1-800-906-9069. The best way to
     survive a storm is to avoid it.
*Slow down
    In bad weather and road conditions, drive with caution. Don't drive
     faster than you can see ahead. High speeds in poor or no visibility
     can lead to large chain reaction accidents. Navigate bridges and
     overpasses with care. They're the first areas to freeze and ice can
     be difficult to see.
*Check your vehicle before heading out
    Make sure your antifreeze, radiator hoses, transmission fluid, 
    windshield wipers, windshield washer fluid and oil are filled. Make sure
    your lights, heaters, cooling system and exhaust system work properly.
    Check the batter before it gets cold.
*Check your tires
    Tires should have at least 1/8 inch tread depth. All season radials
     on a front-wheel-drive vehicle are adequate for most situations.
     In winter weather, snow tires on most rear wheel drive vehicles are usually
     adequate.Studded snow tires are allowed in Nebraska from Nov. 1 to April 1.
*Maintain a full gas tank
    This helps avoid condensation in the fuel tank. Also, a full tank can
     give you better traction and allow you to run the engine
     periodically to keep warm if stranded.
*Carry a cell phone
    In the event of a breakdown or emergency, determine your
     location the best you can and call 911 for assistance.
*Travel with someone
    You can take turns driving and take turns watching for help or
     search teams if you are stranded.
*Pack a survival kit for your vehicle
     See box below
*Don't drink and drive
*Always wear your seat belt    
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Survival Kit 
  • Ice scraper and lock de-icer
  • Steel shovel or hoe to dig out of drifts
  • Wool blankets and/or sleeping bag
  • Candles or several cans of Sterno (make sure vehicle is well ventilated)
  • Matches or cigarette lighter
  • 3-pound metal coffee can for melting snow
  • Plastic garbage bags to keep you warm and dry
  • Booster cables
  • Flashlight and/or penlight
  • Extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Tow chain or cable
  • High-energy food, such as candy bars
  • Water
  • Sand or kitty litter to provide traction
  • Scissors and pocket knife
  • Tissues
  • Red flag or bandanna to signal for help
  • Metal cup
  • Pencil
  • Safety pins
  • Coins for pay phone
  • Whistle to signal for assistance
  • Canned food, can opener and utensils